We station our staff (employees) who have abundant knowledge of and experience in the gaming and entertainment industries and are ready to work, in accordance with the needs of our clients.
A variety of human resources, ranging from young people to veterans, are available for dispatch.


Consultants with abundant experiences in the industries provide full support for recruiting highly-skilled human resources, straight from research of candidates to acceptance of employment.


Highly-skilled professionals with abundant experiences in the industries can be utilized on a project basis.

Supported positions and results


Game producer, game director, game planner, game programmer, art director, 3DCG designer, 2DCG designer, project manager, scripter, debugging leader, debug engineer, scenario writer, customer support, sound creator, localization and translation, etc.


Web producer, web director, web designer, UI/UX designer, web content planning, front-end engineer and coder, application development engineer, server engineer, programmer, project manager, test engineer, etc.